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... through direct advice, counsel and advocacy to the state legislature, members of governing bodies and public administrators, and Pelra members.

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Whether you’re looking for a career with AZPELRA or with any of its member businesses, or simply to post a job, AZPELRA provides the right platform to assist both the job seeker and the employer. Job seekers may take advantage of video tutorials, documents, and websites that are geared toward improving the job hunting experience, while those posting a job have access to qualified professionals that stand a better chance of providing a better fit for the job. Please click the link below to get started.

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One of the great things about your Hr department is that you’re not alone. AZpelra Membership is available to individuals who have a direct and continuing responsibility for or an interest in Labor Relations and/or Human Resource Management.

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A voluntary association, which is devoted to serving public bodies.

Arizona Pelra is improves labor and personnel relations in the public sector through direct advice, counsel and advocacy to the state legislature, and State Pelra members.

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